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Fairy doors to adventure. Each handcrafted door is about  8 inches by 6 inches. The working door opens to a beautiful path or waterfall. Designed to inspire imaginative play, daydreams, or your next adventure! At home near baseboard or on a bookshelf. The current collection includes Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Rainbow doors.


What can you do with a Fairy Door?  Here are the top 5 tips...



  1.  Put it outside in the Fairy Garden so the Fairies know you have a safe place for them. (take it in at night and bad weather because these fairies doors are designed for indoors)
  2.  Put it on your bookshelf so the fairies can find adventures in your books.
  3.  Locate it on the floor against the floorboards so the fairies can have a quick escape from stalking pets.
  4.  Put it next to your bed so at night the fairies can seek their own adventures while you sleep.
  5.  Keep it on your desk while you do your homework in case you need some fairy inspiration.

Fairy Doors

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